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Support for your Ob-serve Rentbook system

Ob-serve Computing is able to offer the following support service for your Rentbook system. Our support helpline offers the friendly expert advice that existing Ob-serve customers have come to expect!

All prices exclude VAT

Rentbook Gold Cover Software Support
  • Technical assistance with unlimited support incidents relating to software installation, set-up and operation. This also includes assistance for issues relating to VAT regulation adherence and accounting procedure and practice.
  • Free product enhancement upgrades (produced at Ob-serve's discretion).
  • Software updates required due to changes in legislation.
  • Help at hand to recover any damaged data that may result from attack by computer viruses or other hard/floppy disk corruption.
  • The number of support incidents is unlimited within the year.
  • Discounted prices on new Ob-serve products and services.

For this service the following conditions apply:

  • The support contract telephone number is +44 (0)1905 842000. The service will be provided between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday UK Time (excluding English public holidays). A stand-by 'emergency call back' service may also operate in the period between Christmas and New Year.
  • A message service will operate for customers unable to reach a support representative on their first call. Ob-serve will then return calls to these individuals (avoiding long periods of call holding and queuing often associated with other computing companies).
  • Following the initial telephone call, support may be dealt with by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail as determined appropriate by Ob-serve support personnel.
  • Whilst an attempt will always be made to advise with issues relating to the malfunction of computer hardware, operating systems and printers etc, Ob-serve is not deemed responsible for solving issues concerning these items.

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