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Ob-serve Rentbook Product Features


  • Full property management system for owner, tenant and agent
  • Automatic calculation of rents due, owner commissions and charges
  • Automatic calculation of payments due to owners
  • Automatic tax deduction for overseas owners (if required)
  • Recurring charges facility for billing sundries (TV charges, irregular commission charges, quarterly ground rents etc.)
  • Word processor links for document production
  • Diary system for event management (inspections etc.)
  • Listing/chart of available properties
  • Automatic matching of tenants & properties
  • Property database can store photographic image & formatted text description - produce availability literature to market properties to tenants
  • Integrated double entry accounting system
  • Full management information (Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Client & office bank account reconciliation
  • Automatic VAT calculation for VAT registered businesses
  • From your April 2019 VAT return, Ob-serve will submit your return direct to HMRC via their MTD platform, allowing for manual adjustments if required
  • Nominal breakdown reports for year-end audit
  • Supplier invoice entry can automatically generate charges to owner/tenant either as disbursements or with mark-up
  • Nominal ledger is pre-configured for a letting agency and can be further tailored to your business
  • Entry errors easily corrected
  • Branch accounting for larger businesses
Please feel free to browse our online manual for full details of how Rentbook works in practice, or contact Ob-serve for a free no-obligation demonstration version of the software to try on your computer.

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