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Support for your Ob-serve Invoicer System

Ob-serve can supply three different levels of support service tailored to the user's individual requirements. All levels offer the friendly expert advice that existing customers have come to rely on!

If you also have an Ob-serve Retailer or Ob-serve Pharmacist system, your Invoicer software is covered under the same support contract.

  Support Level
Support Services Available Gold Silver Bronze
  • Technical assistance relating to software installation, set-up and operation. This also includes assistance for issues relating to VAT regulation adherence and accounting procedure and practice. Maximum number of support incidents:
Unlimited 15 5
  • Software updates required due to changes in government legislation
  • Help at hand to recover any damaged Ob-serve data that may result from attack by computer viruses or other hard/floppy disk corruption
  • Software updates in relation to maintenance items(issued at Ob-serve's discretion)
  • Journals service to record your accountant's adjustments
  • Free product enhancement upgrades(produced at Ob-serve's discretion)
  • Additional back-up accountancy and tax advice helpline
  • Discounted prices on new Ob-serve products and services
Annual Fee (excluding VAT) £230 £145 £115

For all services the following conditions apply:

  • The support contract telephone number is +44 (0)1905 842000. The service will be provided between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday UK Time (excluding English public holidays). A stand-by 'emergency call back' service may also operate in the period between Christmas and New Year.
  • A message service will operate for customers unable to reach a support representative on their first call. Ob-serve will then return calls to these individuals (avoiding long periods of call holding and queuing often associated with other computing companies).
  • Following the initial telephone call, support may be dealt with by telephone, mail, fax, e-mail as determined appropriate by Ob-serve support personnel.
  • Incidents relating to any bugs discovered in the program will not count as part of any allocation of support incidents.
  • Whilst an attempt will always be made to advise with issues relating to the malfunction of computer hardware, operating systems and printers etc, Ob-serve is not deemed responsible for solving issues concerning these items.
  • If the maximum number of incidents is exceeded before the end of the support period, a new 12 month contract on the next level of support will be commenced for you automatically from that point.

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